Peter Sia (Group CCO)


Group Chief Corporate Officer
Artez Group

Chief Executive Officer
SmartAge WellCare Services

Peter graduated with a Diploma in Philosophy (Fu Jen Uni – Taipei, Taiwan) and  a Master’s Degree in Multimedia (Swinburne Uni – Melbourne, Australia). In his  early 20s, he started his career as a missionary in Malaysia and Taiwan. He then  worked in Taiwan in the multimedia & technology segment, gaining experiences  in web design, network technician, and project management. After five years in  Taiwan, he migrated to Australia, ventured into the import, export, wholesaling  and retailing business; embarking on an entrepreneurial journey where he  developed skills in Sales and Marketing, PR, Finance, People Management and  Business Growth.

Due to family commitment, he returned to Malaysia in end 2009. While in  Malaysia, he worked for the largest public listed private higher education  institution in Malaysia and established the Alumni Office, Student Career Centre  and University-Industry Partners Division. Peter is actively involved in volunteer  work and has a huge interest in corporate social responsibility. His expertise  includes Corporate Partnerships, Public Relations, Communication, Marketing  & Human Resource besides having a broad engagement with people in many  industries.